Art Makers – Photographer Tomislav Krištofić

Zagreb, Croatia. Ready for a giant understatement? There are wildly creative, talented people in every nook and cranny of this fascinating world. No matter where we travel, I seem to gravitate toward creatives, which I guess is only natural. Before embarking on this quest to travel the world, my life revolved around my career and … More Art Makers – Photographer Tomislav Krištofić

The Farmer Fantasy

Workaway: Croatia, August 2015 When Matt and I shared news we would soon be working for a week on an organic farm in Croatia in exchange for room and board, questions began to flood our inboxes. Do you know anything about farming? Are there horses involved? What do you know about horses? Will you be … More The Farmer Fantasy

Traveling like 20, Playing like 40, Sleeping like 70.

On Saturday we arrived in Croatia, sleep-deprived after a club music-thumping overnight ferry ride, in tow with every PYT in Italy in route to Europe’s hottest holiday destination. Crowded, unreserved deck seating, that’s what happens when you book last minute and you’re on a tight budget. If not for the captain and crew, we might … More Traveling like 20, Playing like 40, Sleeping like 70.