When Your Body Says No to Travel

I should be in Mexico now. That is not a dreamy, “I wish upon a star” statement. I literally should be there, should have landed four hours ago.

Last night, I took my husband to the ER with severe stomach pains. He had been in pain for about 48 hours but since he’s normally healthy and the symptoms came out of the blue, we both thought it would pass. The ER doc diagnosed the episode as a stomach bug which irritated his lining and developed into gastritis. Painful, but manageable and not too serious.

Happy travelers on last year's Christmas trip to Grenada
Happy travelers on last year’s Christmas trip to Grenada

Still going into Mexico with stomach problems…well, it’s the last place he wants to be right now and I can’t blame him. As for postponing the trip, as many of us who travel frequently know, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. If you travel enough, trip interruption, postponement, or cancellation is bound to happen eventually. You just have to relax and go with it. There will be another trip.

I’m just happy he’s ok and the problem revealed itself before we were on the remote little island of Holbox. (Although we have been in medical emergencies in other countries while traveling and have always come out well. Still, how much fun is hanging in Mexico when all you can ingest is broth and jello?)

I share this development mainly because I find the timing somewhat ironic. Of the five stories I’m currently writing, two center around health and well-being (not my usual subject matter.) The first is a profile of my friend Joy’s recent near fatal health scare (published today) and the other about my own personal reflection ten years after surviving the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 (coming soon.)

I’ve spent the last several days thinking about both stories’ central issues and how we tend to take our health and safety for granted until something bad happens. It’s human nature, it often takes a crisis to make us aware of life’s fragility.

This wasn’t a crisis for us, just an inconvenience and disappointment. And, who knows, tomorrow we may decide it’s time to go – and be on the next flight to the Yucatan! But, hopefully it’s a reminder to be vigilant about our health and well-being while traveling and at home.

Safe travels this holiday season! Take care of yourself out there – and I do hope you get out there every chance you get!!

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