Checklist Rijeka for Paste Travel

In many ways Rijeka reminds us of our hometown of Birmingham, AL. No the latter doesn’t have historic castles or a gorgeous sea view, but both cities are undergoing sweeping reinvention, using the bones of an industrial past to create exciting new public spaces. Here’s my latest for Paste Travel, hope you enjoy.

If you have favorite spots in Rijeka, we’d love to hear about them. We will definitely return…hopefully soon!

Checklist: Rijeka, Croatia
By Jess Simpson  |  December 18, 2015  |  2:57pm

Kantrida Swim Complex, Rijeka. Photo credit: Matt Simpson
Kantrida Swim Complex, Rijeka. Photo credit: Matt Simpson

As a once-vital port for the Austrians, Rijeka became a breeding ground for ideas and innovation, including the invention of the torpedo in 1860. Its strategic location deep within the Adriatic’s Kvarner Bay has long placed Croatia’s third largest city at the cross currents of Mediterranean and European culture.

Today, Rijeka is undergoing a renaissance, polishing away the port city grit while smartly preserving its distinctive edge. New music and dance events are springing up in former industrial spaces turned funky art venues, galleries showcasing contemporary art light up centuries-old streets, and a strong rock and punk scene set the tone for nightlife. Keep reading…

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