Your Burning Travel Questions Answered Here

This has been one of my favorite stories to write because I love all things “flight.” You will never catch this traveler complaining about dogged delays, slivers of seat, or nasty layovers.

I unabashedly love airports and flying, which maybe explains the reason I have always been fascinated by the lives of flight attendants.

So, thanks to the fine folks at Mental Floss magazine, I set out to interview flight attendants and dive into the realities of their lives…at least, as it comes to eating on the job.

What Do Flight Attendants Eat
Published by: Mental Floss: 2/8/16
Written by: Jess Simpson
What is in those bags?
What is in those bags?

Mental_floss interviewed flight crew members across a wide range of carriers about eating habits and options in flight and during layovers. The responses run the gamut from pot-luck dinners in the galley to crafty tips for creating culinary masterpieces via hotel room coffeemakers. Keep reading…

Have more questions about travel? Is there something you have always wanted to know? Point me in a direction and I’ll do the investigating!

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