What Every Traveler Needs to Know – Flight Rights

December 2016

During research and interviews for my latest “Travel Secrets” column for Paste magazine, I began to realize how little I truly knew about my rights when it comes to flight. Like many travelers, I was packing enough assumptions to burst a roller bag.

My usual MO with a majorly delayed or cancelled flight has been down a well-trodden flyer path: Throw myself on the mercy of a gate agent and hope for the best.

Well it’s time to move beyond hope and strive for empowered enlightenment. Or, maybe just answer a few basic questions.

What does an airline guarantee? What air travel rights are regulated on a federal level in the U.S.? How are flight rights different on U.S. carriers versus non-US based airlines?

For answers to these questions and more, check out the article below and, hopefully, the next time cancellations appear on the board or luggage fails to appear on the carousel, you’ll be armed with helpful information – or at least ample material for pleading with your new best friend/gate agent.

Travel Secrets: Understand Your Flight Rights
By Jess Simpson | December 12, 2016 | 3:02pm
Photo courtesy of Paste magazine.
Photo courtesy of Paste magazine.

You’re standing in the middle of the airport with the word “Cancelled” flashing on the big rotating flight board in front of you. What now?

Travelers this holiday season will ask that question as delays and cancellations become more routine and luggage fails to appear on carousels. Even frequent flyers can feel lost when things go awry in that alternative universe known as “the airport.”

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