In Venice, Powerful Art Installation Symbolizes The Role We Play

This week we’re celebrating the unparalleled beauty and complexity of #Venice and discussing impacts that we, as travelers, have on the places we visit. A striking art installation for this year’s Venice Biennale beautifully illustrates the power harnessed within the decisions we make.

Can We Keep the Grand Canal Grand?
Can We Keep Venice’s Grand Canal Grand?

Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn developed “Support” as a statement about dual natures: whether we use our influence to support or destroy, particularly in regard to climate change. Visitors see two giant hands rising from the Grand Canal in support of the 14th century structure housing Ca’Sagredo Hotel. The work is dramatic and thought-provoking – and oh-so irresistible to photograph.

Support Art Installation, Venice
Artist Lorenzo Quinn’s Venice installation is beautiful and thought-provoking.

My images don’t do the work justice so we hope you will experience it in person – the exhibition is up until November 26 – and/or visit Quinn’s website and Instagram page for more. #artchangestheworld#Ifreakinglovetravel

Lorenzo Quinn Art, Venice Italy
Will our hands support or destroy? A question for the future of Venice by artist Lorenzo Quinn.

Tomorrow, we celebrate Venice At Work, with photos and information focusing on working life on the mighty island.

La Biennale di Venezia
Lorenzo Quinn
Venezia, Italia
Venice, Italy

If interested in this topic, here are a few good articles for reading:

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