What Are the Top Have-To’s and Must-See’s in Havana, Cuba? Here’s Our List.

Travel is a privilege we aim never to take for granted. Matt and I are grateful for the opportunity to visit #Cuba recently. As I write in this article, it’s been five months and we’re still processing the sights, sounds, and conversations.

Classic Cars of Havana, Cuba
Cruising in Style is a Classic “Have-To” When Visiting Havana, Cuba.

I’m also grateful for the opportunity to share travel experiences through writing. Everywhere we go, every person we meet, the philosophy that we’re all connected, more alike than different, and “in this together” rings more loudly and true. Thanks Intrepid Travel for inviting me to write and share our experiences. 

I hope you will give this story linked below a read and plan your own visit to Cuba, one of the world’s most beautiful, friendly and fascinating countries.

Coming soon, “Total Cuba Immersion,” (meaning: I will finally share photos and stories from the trip. Long overdue. LOL). Thanks for following!

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written by Jess Simpson October 24, 2017

As I began to write this assignment, to share Havana have-tos from experiences on a recent trip, I thought about the friends my husband and I made along the journey.

Ana studied architecture in college and now manages her family’s homestay business as well as crafts exquisite jewelry from metal objects. We shared homemade vegetable soup and life stories one rainy afternoon at her kitchen table. She and I are the same age and, together, found humor and comfort in our “getting older woes.” After a week, it seemed we had always known each other. Continue reading…

READ FULL STORY HERE: https://www.intrepidtravel.com/adventures/havana-guide/

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