Discovering Estepona, Secret Gem of Costa del Sol

“Where are you now?,” friends often ask.

Right now, the answer is HERE near beautiful Estepona in southern Spain. Never heard of it? (Neither had we). An aspect of housesitting we love is living and embedding in places we know little to nothing about.

Although we knew about CostadelSol and have enjoyed visiting Malaga and traveling extensively in Andalusia’s interior, this particular stretch of coastline wasn’t on our radar.

Estepona is located almost 100 km south of Malaga and easily accessible by public bus from Malaga’s airport and city center as well as Marbella. (Click here for schedules and helpful bus info).

The city is famed for two expansive town beaches, Playa del Cristo and Playa de la Rada, plus a bounty of smaller beaches and coves along the coasts in both directions – for a whopping total of over 21 kilometers of beach access.

Strolling around the old town is one of our favorite activities. Narrow streets are lined with 18th and 19th century buildings and homes, with many streets displaying color-coordinated decor, including those oh-so charming flower pots and mosaic art pieces. Wednesday mornings are especially festive as the town hosts a weekly market featuring dozens of vendors hawking everything from oranges and onions to underwear and perfume. It’s lively and affordable, and, best of all, totally alfresco.

Speaking of outdoors, did we mention…Estepona is famed for receiving 325 days per year of glorious sunshine! How about ‘them oranges?

After spending 5+ months here, it’s become clear…this city by the sea is one of the world’s best spots for living and traveling. Great climate, friendly locals, good restaurants, outdoor markets, affordability, diversity of people, gorgeous plazas and relaxed vibe – and, did we mention…BEACHES?!

Check out this video to get the feel for the sweet, sweet spot. (Seriously, you won’t believe these landscape shots).

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