From Famous Luxury to Fabulously Cheap, Here’s Our New York City Hotel Guide

Recently while visiting my grandmother, I found a sweet surprise tucked into the lining of her toiletry bag. A ticket stub (circa mid-80s) from the time she and I went to the top of Empire State Building together.

Although I was young, I will never forget the thrill of holding my hair back as wind whipped through the viewing platform so I could take in the iconic skyline view, unobstructed. I remember looking at her and seeing the same thrill shimmering in her eyes.

I have loved New York since, with an intensity usually reserved for dear friends and family, and could populate the pages of a book (one day, I will do so), with stories of great kindnesses and incredible memories experienced in the city.

As you can imagine, I was beyond giddy when the folks at Smarter Travel asked me to write their New York City Travel Guide. The 10k+ word tome published, in a series of small bites and individual stories, earlier this week.

I hope you will find the information helpful (please, give me feedback!), and let it stoke your imagination and feed your passion for visiting the greatest city in the world!

Let’s begin at the beginning: New York City Hotel Guide



10 Great Hotels in New York City. Image compliments of The Beekman Hotel.

Discover New York’s only Relais & Chateaux property, a downtown beauty that harkens the Golden Age of travel, and so much more:
10 Best Hotels in New York City

Now that my long-time mainstay Hotel 17 has become a residential hotel (meaning 30-day minimum stays only), what’s my go-to when looking for an affordable snooze?
11 Cheap Hotels in New York City

What’s the favorite NYC hotel of Bob Dylan and Bo Diddley? Check out these famous spots.
9 Famous Hotels in New York City

Have a favorite NYC hotel and/or great New York hotel experience? Please share in comments and we will check it out soon! (Or, email me, if you prefer:

So much more coming, including Best Restaurants, Cheap Eats, Hidden Attractions, & more!

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