Resources to Keep Us Healthy and (Relatively) Sane In these Difficult Times

Good morning, friends, traveler-lovers and dreamers,

How is this new day treating you thus far?
Resources to help us in the time of reflection. Image taken yesterday in Larnaca, Cyprus.
We send much love and hopes for a peaceful Sunday to you.

While it’s critical in these trying times to stay on top of breaking news, it’s also important to step away and feed your soul with nourishment and inspiration. It‘s the only way we can stay strong enough to sustain the right path to take us through each day.

Matt and I are on Day 11 of isolation in Cyprus and in fine health and spirits…thus far. And, for that, we are thankful. 
Here’s a round-up of some of our favorite resources for this period of reflection and nesting.
Please share any suggestions you have, so I can add to this list.
Staying sane and healthy is an all-hands-on-deck effort, friends.
Audio books & podcasts:
Audible has announced free listening to hundreds of titles:
Yoga: is offering two free months to all online yoga sessions. We all need more yoga these days, right?
Fitness & Exercise:
Many of you know, I crazy love Sean Vigue Fitness and his core and pilates workouts on YouTube. Truly smart and strong training.
Language Study:
My favorite is Coffee Break Italian via @radiolingua. There are several other languages as well.
Great Stories:
For better or worse, I can’t make it through a single one of the real-life-real-people stories via StoryCorps without crying like a baby. But, I also laugh out loud at times. And, after listening, I always feel more connected to the world. Definitely worth listening.

What about YOU? What’s keeping you sane and healthy these days?


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