Don’t Miss Our House Hunters International Episode From Lucca, Italy!

Well, it’s about time, friends! Our House Hunters International episode, which filmed last November in Lucca, Italy, now has an airdate!! 

Friends in the US, check out HGTV this Wednesday and Thursday. For friends elsewhere, check your HGTV listings! Friends in Italy, there’s a bonus: we should be dubbed in Italian when it airs there. (Allora)!

If you do watch, send us a screenshot of you “with” the show. It should be hilarious!! (As you might imagine, we were exceptionally silly throughout. #embarassing)! 

Our ridiculousness aside, it was such a privilege to be part of this show and work with the incredible production team (from Italy, UK and US) and have the opportunity to incorporate so many local friends, businesses and landmarks in the show. 

With 12-14 hour shoots, every day, we got to roam all around the city and coast – cameras in tow – to visit all our favorite places and people. Culminating, naturally for us, with a party in our home. It was magic! 

🙌 Amici a Lucca!!! We will have a proper viewing party in Spring when, hopefully, distancing rules allow.

Interested in Stories About Buying Property and Renovating in Italy?

We have been waiting patiently for this episode to air to share tons of stories and images from our apartment search and renovation process.

If you love all things “home reno” like we do, be sure to check back for those stories – some of which, I must admit, are quite harrowing!

Thanks, friends e grazie mille, amici!

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