How Can We Give the Gift of Community This Year?

Show of Hands: Who Plans to Give the Gift of Community This Year? (B/C: 2020 needs all the goodness we can muster, right?)

Undoubtedly, closures, limited hours and stay-at-home orders make it trickier than ever, but with a bit of extra effort, it’s possible to find local businesses to support in these difficult times – and, oh-so much more meaningful.

I have connected with many independently-owned businesses in our community by messaging directly on Facebook or Instagram to ask if orders are possible and if they offer delivery in the area – nearly all have jumped at the chance!

Here are a few ideas for inspiration:


Goodness knows, we can all benefit from more beauty in our lives these days (correction: every day). Art gives us the opportunity to get outside of ourselves, connect with the world on a deeper level and dream of what’s possible.

I bet there are dozens of your local painters, sculptors, fabric artists, photographers, jewelry-makers and more showcasing & selling works on social media. Plug into that community and you will surely find one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone on your list. Your artists need you.

Rovinj, Croatia: Find local artists on FB & Insta for all tour gift giving!


How about a gift that promises sweet experiences to come? A voucher to a local symphony, theatre, opera or dance company (think of how many people in your town that one gift will benefit!).

And, what’s more promising than ample nourishment? Give certificates to local restaurants – ‘cause everyone of us looks forward to dining out again! (Yes, please)!


Through our travels, we’ve found that the beating heart of most communities – all around the world – is independent bookstores. Check in with your local to see if you can order specific titles as gift deliveries or simply give vouchers. Nothing makes time at home sweeter than a stack of good reads!

Lucca, Italy: At Etta’s Bookshop, you can tick many boxes: Order the gift of books. Plus, add on a beautiful bookmark from local artist Joanna Amato and those proceeds benefit the local animal shelter.


In 2020, maybe more than ever, any donation – no matter the size – to local charities is an act of hope. It’s a willful acknowledgement of how vital community is to our lives. I care for you, you care for me. It’s our essential pact.

Whether it’s your local animal shelter, hospice, kids’ organization or relief agency, those little donation cards stating “Your friend has made a gift in your name” have never been more golden and meaningful.

We can all benefit with gifts of hope this holiday season.


Once we get creative, we find dozens of ways to give the gift of community! How will YOU give community? Feel free to share your ideas here…you never know who you might inspire.


And, let’s remember, the most important gift we can give to those we love this year is precious care of their health and wellbeing. Mask up, friends! 😷

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