Andalucia’s Hilltop Beauty Pageant: Casares

December 2016 – Andalucia, Spain We’ve been crazy fortunate to spend a good deal of time traveling around Spain over the last decade and have developed a deep appreciation for the country’s distinctive regions. From food and drink to dialect and architecture, traveling from one to the next can often feel more like visiting a … More Andalucia’s Hilltop Beauty Pageant: Casares

Celebrating Flower Power in Spello, Italy

There’s hardly a better way to experience a culture than by participating in a destination’s traditional festivals. At least, that’s always been my motto, leading us to plan entire trips around the concept. Oyster festival in Apalachicola. Theatre festival in New York City. Jazz festival in New Orleans. Wine festival in Barcelona. Asparagus, yes asparagus, … More Celebrating Flower Power in Spello, Italy

Castles of Tuscany x 2 – Castello Della Verrucola

As soon as we set our backpacks down in Fivizzano, where we were house-sitting for a month, we began hearing tales of black magic. Apparently, this corner of northern Tuscany in the Lunigiana region is long famed for the inhabitants’ spell-conjuring ways. Superstitions and suspicions run high here and it’s no wonder with such dramatic history. … More Castles of Tuscany x 2 – Castello Della Verrucola