Castles of Tuscany x 2: Castello dell’Aquila

Driving through northern Tuscany’s Lunigiana region feels like drifting through a portal into a medieval fantasy. Ruins of once-glorious fortifications magically appear like apparitions on hilltops above as you wind around switchbacks hugging the river valley. Often referred to as, “the land of a hundred castles,” the region is rich in such fairytale imagery and … More Castles of Tuscany x 2: Castello dell’Aquila

Art Makers – Photographer Tomislav Krištofić

Zagreb, Croatia. Ready for a giant understatement? There are wildly creative, talented people in every nook and cranny of this fascinating world. No matter where we travel, I seem to gravitate toward creatives, which I guess is only natural. Before embarking on this quest to travel the world, my life revolved around my career and … More Art Makers – Photographer Tomislav Krištofić

Ebb and Flow on Italy’s Isola del Giglio

Being on the island of Giglio, you find yourself thinking about rocks, maybe more than you have ever thought about rocks in the whole of your existence. Minivan size monoliths prop the gravity-taunting, sea-lurking balconies of the famous Saraceno Hotel. Ancient stone pathways, dating from the days as an important trading base in the Tyrrhenian Sea for the … More Ebb and Flow on Italy’s Isola del Giglio