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I had so much fun with this story that published yesterday. It looks at new year’s resolutions of Birmingham’s most innovative artists. In the process of writing, I was able to meet a few new artists as well as catch up with old friends. A big thanks to Alec Harvey and al.com for letting me run with this one!

Artful resolutions: Birmingham’s arts community weighs in on coming year

Virtual set for Jean-Jacques Gaudel's steam punk-infused movie
Virtual set for Jean-Jacques Gaudel’s steam punk-infused movie

With the closing of one year and the opening of another comes a time of reflection about what we’ve accomplished and hope for the future. For most of us, it’s a personal soul-searching time for assessing what served us well (and what didn’t) and professing our intentions and aspirations for the coming year, if only in a whisper to ourselves.

Embarking on a new year also offers an opportunity to look at where we’ve been and where we’re going collectively – especially when it comes to the environment we as a community create for the arts to blossom. In 2014 Birmingham’s artistic community flourished – from visual art and sculpture to dance, film, music, and writing – our city’s creative talent seemed to find their groove.

As the new year gets into full-swing, some Birmingham art-makers go on the record with hopes and resolutions to push their craft to new levels in 2015. And, by sharing their dreams and goals, we are provided with a glimpse of what to expect culturally in the coming year.

Read Full Story Here.


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