Surviving a Disaster While Traveling & Keeping It All In Perspective

I’ve come to depend on Paste magazine for learning about the hottest new artists and latest news in music, and now the savvy folks there have launched a new travel section. This makes me almost giddy, not only because I’m excited to follow the travel news and stories, but also because I’m fortunate enough to be one of the initial writers. (And, here’s hoping that continues!)

For my first Paste story, while the events of the 2004 Tsunami were still fresh from reflecting on the experience here, I thought other travelers could benefit from reading a few tips and words of advice if, god forbid, you ever find yourself in a dicey situation.

The whole story is here, please keep reading until page 2, because the “keeping it in perspective” advice is what I find key.

Now’s the time for living your dreams!  (I am.)

Happy travelers
Happy travelers


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