Modern Convenience Meets Historic Charm

Trentino, Italy – June 2015

Since the day I spotted this kiosk in the historic center of Trento, I’ve been fascinated by Italy’s focus on what I’ll call, “automatica.”

From laundry detergent to noodles, you can stock up 24/7 at this downright brilliant kiosk in Trento.

Sure, in America, dropping coins in a vending machine for a beloved Diet Coke or a guilty-pleasure bag of Cheez-Its still gives me an occasional thrill, but here I’m experiencing a whole new level of joy. As with most things “good,” Italy raises the bar.

From train tickets and stamps to milk and tampons, you can buy almost anything – even in some small villages – without having to enter a crowded shop or stand in a long line. Even for a social-loving, extrovert like me, this is immensely appealing.

Stroll to the corner, deposit those one euro coins jingling in your pocket and score shampoo and toilet tissue…at any hour? Without having to speak to anyone?


I now dream of stumbling upon an automatic prosecco machine.  I have a feeling, it’s right around the corner.

Here are some of my favorite vending kiosks spotted in Trentino:

The cutest, who knows, maybe the only, automated farm fresh milk stand! Located in the historic center of Levico Terme.
Choose a bottle size (recyclable, of course) and enjoy fresh milk whenever your little heart desires.
I love standing in long lines in a stuffy, smelling post office as much as the next person, but…stamps, of almost any denomination via machine, I’m in!
The pinnacle of happiness for me…CVS in a box. Located in historic center of Bolzano, Italy.
Tempted to buy one of everything! Toothpaste, shampoo, baby formula, even face cream.

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