Home is Where the Backpack Rests

Since making the leap 16 months to become full-time #travelers / #digitalnomads / #dream-chasers, Matt and I have stayed in approximately 54 different towns, cities, or villages in ten different countries. Often staying a week, usually longer, in each spot.

Even slow crawling, as we are prone to do, that still means we have slept on 54 different mattresses, fumbled in the middle-of-night dark to the toilet in 54 spaces, and adjusted to the unique rhythms of a place, 54 times.

A spectrum of spaces have provided shelter, from a multi-million dollar villa (thanks to great friends and good luck) to a barn with a bed, (seriously.) With the usual being a small studio or room in a hostel.

We’ve learned to find home wherever our backpacks rest; and that is an unexpectedly grand feeling.

And sometimes, beautifully sometimes, we walk through a door to our new home and instantly feel like it was designed just for us.

This is one of those times. Thanks #Airbnb for leading us to this spot. Home sweet home, if only for a few days.

We are in the mountain town of Veliko Tarnovo, beloved by Bulgarians as the home of the country’s independence. And, by chance, our visit coincides with an official four-day national holiday, beginning September 22 to celebrate independence. More to come about the celebrations!

#gratitude #affordabletravel #aroundtheworld #travel #travelsecrets

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