Housesitting in London

Central London, October 2016 Fellow dreamers – those like-minded souls who yearn to explore the world fully – often ask us questions about money and travel. How expensive is it to travel like you do? How can you afford to travel full-time? How do you save money while traveling? And, how on earth, can you … More Housesitting in London

Gunshots & Raindrops: Housesitting in Tuscany

January 2016 “As Americans, you should feel at home with the sounds of gunfire” our housesitting host says with that famously-cheeky Scottish wit.  This was during our first walk with Craig and his wife Elly’s energetic Labrador as shots echoed through the woods around us. We had just arrived to a rural patch of northern Tuscany, near … More Gunshots & Raindrops: Housesitting in Tuscany

Traveler’s Secret: Living Rent Free Around the World

A few years ago we rubbed elbows with an ultra-cool traveling couple (retirees at the beginning of an exciting new chapter,) who shared their experience of housesitting in France in vivid, envy-inducing detail. I remember thinking “Now aren’t they lucky goats?!” As the prospect of embarking on a nomadic life became real for us, I … More Traveler’s Secret: Living Rent Free Around the World