Housesitting in London

Central London, October 2016

Fellow dreamers – those like-minded souls who yearn to explore the world fully – often ask us questions about money and travel.

How expensive is it to travel like you do? How can you afford to travel full-time? How do you save money while traveling?

And, how on earth, can you afford to spend multiple weeks in ultra pricey London?

Truth is, we are continually exploring avenues for not only traveling more while spending less; but also, traveling more deeply and meaningfully.

Over the past year and a half, we have taken a leap into work gigs via Workaway as well as housesitting (in-home pet care, in exchange for free accommodation.)

Currently we are two days into a two-week housesit in central London, in a posh flat, caring for the planet’s cutest dog. It’s an experience that is saving us quite a few cents while also giving us a sense of “being local.”

In short, #winning.

Two weeks in London, no accommodation costs. Not bad, right?

Interested in checking out housesitting opportunities? First, read Jess’ recent story for Paste Travel.

Why You Should House Sit Your Way Around the World
And how to do it successfully.

By Jess Simpson 

After completing three work stints, each based on volunteering a few hours of labor per day in exchange for free accommodation in an exotic destination, the time seemed right to sit. Housesit.

As with services designed to connect travelers willing to work for lodging with jobs, platforms to pair sitters with host homes are a powerful tool for travelers looking for value along with a unique vacation experience. Every year, more travelers sign up for membership with sites like HouseCarers, MindMyHouse, and Nomador. Keep reading…

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