Light Dreaming in Birmingham

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I always enjoy stumbling upon cool art festivals during travels.  So in that same spirit, I’m sharing information on this incredibly innovative festival in my hometown, Birmingham, AL.

Full disclosure, for the past three years, I’ve had the amazing experience of serving as producer and curator for the fest: LIGHT DREAMS.  It’s a cutting edge digital art, music, & technology festival featuring a team of over 40 artists, engineers, technicians, and dreamers who come together to make this other-worldly experience possible.

The festivities include site-specific architecturally mapped digital projections, giant “Point of Light” interactive installations, and some of the most innovative artistic endeavors I’ve ever seen, Light Dreams has galvanized an artistic community, creating a sense of possibility and excitement about what is possible when you dream big.  I can’t wait to see what comes next.

To find out more, check out this story: 


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