Money & Travel: Priority Setting

Saving money to travel more. For us, it’s one of the major themes defining our last 15 years.

Even before making the leap and becoming full-time travelers/digital nomads (eighteen months ago,) we traveled extensively. Typically journeying abroad twice a year for a few weeks at a time as well as a hefty handful of shorter domestic trips.

How can you afford to travel so much? It’s a question we heard ALL the time. Sure we both had good jobs with solid incomes, but that’s just part of the equation.

Travel was (and is,) our priority and we let that guide our purchases, both big and small.

When we bought a house, we chose a super affordable neighborhood, even though most of our friends lived in pricier areas. We knew, for us, it was more important to save funds for exploring the world than dwelling in a popular district.

When traveling with friends who choose to stay in expensive fancy hotels, we always opt for more budget accommodations, then meet up for activities. No big deal, it actually makes for more textured travel for everyone involved.

Instead of going new, we often go used (from cars to clothes – we both love consignment stores – to appliances.) We limit dinners out and opt for cooking at home most nights. When we had a home, we hosted an endless amount of social gatherings and dinner parties to see friends, while also saving funds.

Then and now, we scrutinize just about every purchase and decision in relation to the travel fund. “Do I really need this?” “Can I live without that?” “Would I rather have this now or have a travel experience later?”

Travel always wins.

So when it comes to Money & Travel, we’re passionate about setting priorities. And, we’re still learning, every day.

For a few money saving tips we have learned thus far along the way, here is Jess’ first installment on the topic, in a two-part series, for Paste Travel.

And, please share what works for you too. We would love to hear your tips for saving money for travel and while traveling!

Travel Secrets: Trip-Planning to Make Every Dollar Count
Photo courtesy of Paste Travel.
Photo courtesy of Paste Travel.

By Jess Simpson | October 4, 2016

A recent blue sky day in Milan’s Sempione Park prompted one of my travel companions to say, “You know, travel is the only expenditure that truly makes us richer.” That’s perhaps not a surprising philosophy coming from Laura, who happens to be a life coach dedicated to helping people evaluate their relationship with money and value. Keep reading…

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